A story of passion and scrupulous pursuit of quality

This adventure started in the Piave Valley.

It was Massimiliano who, at the young age of 17, took over the venture started by grandfather Pietro in the tiny cellar at home. This was where that Massimiliano learnt about wine and traditional production methods, driven by a lively passion for the land and where he grew up.

Thanks to his enthusiasm and with the valuable help of his wife Anna, the little vineyard grew with the acquisition of land in Grave del Piave, the cellar expanded to make room for the different qualities of wine produced and over time, techniques for wine processing and careful vinification style were perfected.

Our adventure continues today and we are proud and grateful for the valuable advice of our father Massimiliano, who has always guided us in our continual search for that harmonious equilibrium of unique, heady flavours and aromas, to be savoured sip after sip.

Massimiliano Basei
Famiglia Basei