The art of wine: perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation

In our winery, technological innovation is at the service of tradition

Our personal direct link with our wines allows us to understand their changes, share their evolution and enhance their distinguishing features.

We follow the entire vinification process with care and scrupulous attention, carrying out continual sensorial checks and focused analysis, to guarantee the constancy of genuine quality wines.

Cantina Basei
Cantina Basei

Clayver: innovative technologies, traditional materials, genuine aroma and flavour that last in time.

Our adventure with Clayver stems from our desire to experiment ageing without wood, using materials that guarantee the natural evolution of our wines, enhancing the genuine qualities of their cultivars without altering their aromatic profile or organoleptic characteristics.

Three little barrels in natural ceramic stoneware, an impermeable material that limits evaporation of liquids, with a microporous structure that guarantees gradual micro-oxygenation, ensuring the correct oxidation-reduction equilibria and permitting long ageing of the wines, with aromas and flavours faithful to that of their cultivar of origin.

The start of a new experience, with the aim of conveying new sensations and emotions, one sip after another.

 botti in grès ceramico
 Clayver botti in grès ceramico

And in the winery, we are helped by the Sun!

The sun, indispensable for the vines, is also fundamental for the vinification process: our green choice of using the clean energy produced by our photovoltaic system is dictated by a desire to participate in a sustainable way to safeguarding the natural equilibrium.

Fotovoltaico Cantina Basei
Fotovoltaico Cantina Basei