Pinot Grigio

D.O.C. Delle Venezie 2021

Refined and elegant, a taste of pleasure!

A vine that originated in Burgundy, from a bud mutation of Pinot Nero.

Grown in Italy and in Veneto as long ago as the 1800s, it owes its name to the unusual coppery colour of its bunches, small and very compact.

Pinot Grigio, with its characteristic bouquet and golden straw colour, recalls the flowery fragrances of fields and grass slowly dried in the sun on hot summer days. It brings to mind scenes of everyday life from our grandparents’ days, busy harvesting the hay.


Pinot Grigio.


12,50% vol.


Pale straw-yellow will golden hues.


Intense and pleasantly fruity, with notes of apple, peach and elderflower.


Crisp, tasty and harmonious, decidedly persistent.

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Recommended recipe

Trout with asparagus Piave style

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