Raboso – La Cantina di Edoardo

Typical Geographic Denomination – Veneto 2018

Dedicated to Edoardo.

“This is my winery”: even at the age of two, surrounded by barrels Edoardo expresses all his enthusiasm and his curiosity in this unexplored new place, describing it in his own words as he watches and learns.

Raboso is his wine and this explains our “La cantina di Edoardo” Raboso.

The result of careful work in the vineyard and a traditional vinification process. As you sip, it releases the aromas and flavours of a timeless wine: mouthfilling, soft, persistent, with hints of sweet soft fruits, notes of cherry, liquorice and vanilla accompanied by a pleasant tannic accent.

A wine that is austere and decisive yet delicately smooth.




13,00% vol.


Intense red with slightly garnet hues.


Traces of sweet soft fruit, hints of cherry, liquorice and vanilla.


Mouthfilling, persistent, soft; all accompanied by a pleasant tannic accent.

Service temperature


Recommended recipe

Pork chops buried in savoy cabbage (Serves 4).

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