Practical kegs of wine for restaurants, wine bars, and mini markets, pubs and agritourisms.

The packaging solution that uses steel containers to guarantee a constantly excellent “draught” wine. The quality of the wines we offer and the innovative hygiene-health techniques we adopt during sterilising of the empty bottles and filling, ensure a product that is always fresh, unaltered and capable of satisfying a wide variety of drinking or tasting requirements.

Vino in fusti Cantina Basei

The advantages of wine in kegs

Good quality for money: wine in kegs preserves its characteristics and organoleptic properties unaltered, in safe innovative containers, with the right balance of quality and price.

Handy for transporting from one place to another, they take up less space in the cellar or storeroom when stacked. Attached to the tap, the wine can be served as and when needed, in the amount desired, in a glass or carafe as required.

Basei wines in kegs:

Cabernet Franc I.G.T. Veneto
Merlot Rosato I.G.T. Veneto
Pinot Bianco I.G.T. Veneto
Glera I.G.T. Veneto
Bianco Frizzante